Stimulating our Community

It’s likely that some members of our community will receive the $1,400 Federal Stimulus Check any day now. If you find that you don’t need quite all of it, please consider stimulating our community by donating to the local non-profit of your choice.

We’ve all been kind of sleeping for many months, but you can see sure signs of our town waking up what with busy construction, bright paint jobs, and new businesses. And the non-profit groups are meeting and planning programs and activities too. The committee working to renovate the Community Center is planning a miniature golf tournament, the Friends of the Library will hold a May book sale, kitten season is almost upon the Friends of Feral Cats, and the Port Orford Senior Center is bringing their Thrift Store into the light.

So enjoy having some money in your pocket and please share it as you can with our local businesses. Then give the bit in the bottom of your pocket to your favorite charity. Just some to consider are: Community Center Project (mail to: Community Service Fund, POB 1284), Port Orford Public Library Foundation, Port Orford Senior Center, Common Good, Kalmiopsis Audubon Society, Port Orford Friends of Feral Cats, Main Street, Port Orford Resource Team, Wild Rivers Land Trust, Port Orford Arts Council, Friends of Langlois Public Library, Meals for Neighbors, Port Orford Jubilee, and Cape Blanco Heritage Society. Here’s to brighter times!

Thank you for your consideration.

The Community Center Project Fund Raising Committee