A New Community Center? You Bet!

  By Tobe Porter, New Community Center Group

I know you’ve heard it before, but we really are going to turn the Community Building and the American Legion Hall into a good-looking, multi-functional Community Center—one we can all be proud to call our own.

A group of interested and energetic folks have come together to make this particular community dream a reality. First we had to determine if it was more cost effective to raze the Community Building or use the bones and renovate. With a grant from the Ford Family Foundation, a study concluded it would be much more expensive to start from scratch.

Now we have architectural drawings in hand for this $1.5 million project. We expect to start construction in just three short years.  All we need to do is raise the money. Not so difficult for a community that raised money for the $2.1 million library.  When do we start? Right now, right here.

We can do this one step at a time….together. Just think how many grand and wonderful events we can have in a Community Center with a quiet heater, a green room and new stage, and single-seat bathrooms.