Community Building Renovation

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Do you love where you live?
Do you have pride in your community?
Do you want to see Port Orford get a facelift?

The new design will include:

  • Facelift of the front of the bldg
  • Revamped stage
  • Upgraded restrooms
  • More…

Remember When?

The Committee to build the new Port Orford Community Center invites you to share a fond memory of an event you attended in the Community Building and/or the American Legion Hall. 

There have been so many wonderful programs and events over the years—the whole building shaking with music and dancing, the tantalizing fragrance of barbecue chicken pulling folks in by the dozens, and storytellers, magicians, and darn-good plays happening on a regular basis. 


I know you’ve heard it before, but we really are going to turn the Community Building and the American Legion Hall into a good-looking, multi-functional Community Center—one we can all be proud to call our own.

A group of interested and energetic folks has come together to make this particular community dream a reality.

A Stunning Development

Hold on to your hats; here is some really good news about the Port Orford Community Center project—the City was awarded a $1.5 million federal Community Development Block Grant to
be used solely to renovate our Community Building!

Mayor Pat Cox said, “This was a wonderful Christmas gift to Port Orford and will be a big boost for our community.”